Customer Feedback

You just can’t sell Steve Johnson pond-raised catfish…his fish must come from Lake Okeechobee, Florida’s largest freshwater lake.

Okeechobee Fish Company

I may be biased because my mom is the GM and can usually be found in the kitchen. Not to mention I grew up in the commissary, I love The Catfish Place. Best coleslaw and hush puppies ever!! Not to mention the catfish, gator tail and crab legs. Mmm…I miss it!

Tina Williams

I’m from Georgia…and I’ve eaten catfish my whole life… but, not until last week had I tried the fare at The Catfish Place. My boyfriend said they bring lots of food, and I wasn’t that hungry, so I just ordered the fingerling catfish plate… but it was so good I wanted more! Next time, it’s all you can eat!!!

Christina Louise

I always look forward to eating at The Catfish Place. You can’t find better southern food or hospitality anywhere. Can’t wait to go there tomorrow for some fresh catfish fingerlings and some cheese grits. That’s what I’m talking about.

BJ Swanberg

It says in my baby book this was the very first restaurant I ever went to!!! I live in Tn. now, but you guys are still the best ever!!!!!

Sabrina Wilcox McDowell

The Catfish Place is the best restaurant in FL and the Johnson family are the best people you can met!!

Huston Allen

This was the first restaurant my parents took me to as a baby. Ever since then, I’ve loved it. My family and I still drive out to St. Cloud from Orlando every blue moon just to get ourselves some catfish and hush-puppies

Andrew Varan


Jim Herbert

I ♥ The Catfish Place! YUMM

Nadine Eason Zilke

Food always fresh, quality you can count on. Excellent service. Waitresses efficient and friendly. Like eating at home without having to cook and clean up!

The Campbell's

The food is excellent! The service is great! A good family restaurant.

The Brown's

Great food, great people.

Richard McConahay

The place for great snapper, great shrimp and great service. These folks know how to serve a single table or a room full of people. Thanks for always serving the best!

Tony Buchanan

We love the Catfish Place! Great food, friendly service and a hometown atmosphere.

The Booth's

I look forward to eating at the Catfish Place at least once a week – The whole family gets full and I don’t have to cook or do the dishes!

Dorinda Ponce

Quality food served fresh with a friendly, southern hospitality. You can get caught up on all the local news while enjoying your meal.

Lee Murdock

This is the best meal for the best price – the portions are always big!

Ken Baker

I average 5 or more meals a week here and there’s a great variety, Heartcry Chapel’s out of town guests always request to eat here while in town. Good food, good service and great people!

Leonard Thompson

Having a meal with friends in a family style restaurant with the best quality food and great service is why its worth eating here 6 to 8 times a week. Try it!

Dan Foster

It’s like eating at home with family….Good food, Good friends.

The Barton's